Karam Villas And Residency

Karam Villas and Residency is an ultra modern residential project, where life unfolds beautifully.


Karam Villas And Residency is one of the approved housing schemes by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). This residential society is jointly developing by Flak and Lakhpati Group of Companies.

Karam Villas is located on the main National Highway.The master plan of this society has been designed by paying a great deal of attention to even small details. Karam Villas was launched in 2019 with a plan to provide all the luxurious amenities at affordable prices.

Karam Villas Karachi Owners & Developers

Falak Group of Companies and Lakhpati Group of Companies are the developers of Karam Villas and Residency.

Falak Group of Companies is considered one of the best fast-growing property development companies in Pakistan. The Lakhpati Group has consistently provided a diversified range of successful services to the clients while reflecting their dedication and commitment.

Falak group offers a vast range of services, whether town planning, building & development, marketing, property, or consultancy. The Group is committed with complete focus and skill to serve the clients with utmost attention and enthusiasm.

Karam Villas And Residency Karachi Mda And Survey Number

Mda (Malir Development Authority) duly approved the Karam Villas And Residency the Survey Number (Land Measuring 61 AC -28 GH on Survey Nos. 58,59,60,511,512,513,514,515 & Part of Survey Nos, 508 & 510, Deh Joreji Bin Qasim Town, District Malir, Karachi) so investors have shown an entire interest in society. The notable success of Gohar Greens is no doubt due to the popularity of the developers.

Karam Villas And Residency Location

The location of Karam villas is located at a premium location on main National Hagiway at the Front of Steel Mill Chowrangi.

Karam Villas Layout Master Plan

The developers of this society have well-planned the master plan with the utmost attention. The plan truly reflects the professionalism of the developers. All the Blocks and plots of Karam Villas are placed to beautify and well-managed society.

Karam Villas Residential And Commercial Plots

  • 120 square yards Residential Plots
  • 200 square yards Commercial Plosts

Luxurious, spacious, and airy 120 square yards one unit bungalows are available at affordable prices.

Facilities & Amenities

The Karam Villas And Residency Karachi is offering all the modern-day facilities and amenities at affordable costs. The facilities are part of any modern society that could be termed as a complete housing society. The facilities in karam Villas are as follows:


The society will provide an environment-friendly close-to-the-natural lifestyle with all the contemporary amenities. The nature-close environment will provide a unique experience that could not be found in Karachi housing societies.
With the increasingly busy city life, people gradually get away from the natural environment affecting their health. To provide a healthy lifestyle, society is greenery to ensure an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Grand Mosque

Society is going to cater to all the needs of the residents that also includes religious needs. For this, the developers are building a beautiful grand Jamia mosque. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with all the modern technology and architecture.

Water Resources

Society has taken into account the residents’ water needs. For this purpose, water reservoirs will be developed to save a large amount of fresh Water from being used by the resident for daily chores. Filter plants will also be a part of society to ensure clean drinking water for the residents.


The graveyard is an essential part of any society. Life and death are part of life; hence, the residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for their eternal life’s success. They may also visit the graves of loved ones within the society.

Community Center

To keep the residents socially active, community centers will prove as the beacon of social life. Here they may enjoy the social activities and participate as well.

Health Facilities

The developers have paid particular attention to the health facilities in society. For this purpose, the developers will develop state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics. The emergency will be open 24/7, the staff and doctors will be available all the time.

Education Complex

To make sure the provision of international level education to the children. The teaching staff will also be professional and trained in their specified fields to have the best education.

Business & Commercial Hub

The developers have taken care of all the needs of the residents, economic & commercial needs. For this reason, society will provide an all-in-one commercial area. From these areas, the residents may fulfill all the commercial needs from within the society.

Secure Community

A sense of safety is necessary for a housing society. A gated community ensures safety. A security system with perfectly installed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear provides all-inclusive security to the people.
The society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system to provide a high safety level.

High-quality Road Infrastructure

The roads and other infrastructure are developed with a high degree of professionalism and equipment to ensure the perfect development. The main boulevard and streets are wide and spacious enough to give away a beautiful look.

Salient Features

Following are the salient and striking features of the Karam Villas And Residency Karachi:

  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-community
  • Medical Facilities
  • Education Complex
  • Club House
  • Retail Area
  • Sports complex
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and waste
  • disposal system
  • Boundary Wall

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